Why Mass Mailing ?

Mass Mailing also called also Email Marketing is one of the THE most powerful, immediate and cost-effective and measurable marketing channels available to marketers. Even a novice to email marketing can produce branded campaigns, with dynamic content targeted to different recipients and best of all, measure the impact of a message instantly.

Most major brands are using email marketing (have you checked your competitors?), but the beauty of email marketing is its accessibility, for one-man bands through to SMEs and corporations.
We offer following Plans for the Mass Mailing Strategy



List Management

We manage your unsubscribes, bounces and a whole lot more. Instantly generate a custom sign-up form to grow your list or import your existing list. We'll also make sure you are compliant with federal law.

Message Creation Tool

Create inspiring newsletters to expand your brand and engage your audience. Step by step message creation tools, custom graphics and color themes make your newsletters look professionally designed. Have your own designer? We have tools for them too.

Reporting & Tracking

Automatically get complete stats on every campaign you send. Live charts show you who opens your emails, who clicks your links, whose email bounced and more. Use mailer's interactive reports to learn what your list members want so you can improve your future messages.


Better email deliverability means more sales, customers and opportunities for you. Get into their inbox with Mailer's trusted delivery platform. Rest easy knowing your emails will arrive safely in your list member's inbox.